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24 - 07 - 18

20 minute vaginal atrophy treatment replaces out mesh alternative

A non invasive vaginal atrophy treatment is set to replace the now restricted mesh-based procedures in a bid to clean up the industry and help women nationwide.

Juliet is an entirely non surgical energy assisted medical treatment for the reduction of symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. It’s not a cosmetic rejuvenation treatment.

Why is the mesh vaginal atrophy treatment banned?

Vaginal atrophy affects 2 in 3 menopausal women, with symptoms including stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and itchiness, and painful sexual intercourse.

For years, stress urinary incontinence – the most common symptom of post-menopausal vaginal atrophy – was treated surgical with mesh.

The government and NHS accepted the recommendation from the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review in July 2018 to immediately stop the use of vaginally inserted surgical mesh, after concerns were raised for the long-term safety of patients.

After a wave of complaints and extended medical issues post-treatment it has now become more important than ever that women have a vaginal atrophy treatment they can trust.

Introducing Juliet

Entirely non surgical, the Juliet is a medical solution for the improvement of atrophy symptoms as a result of menopause or cancer treatment.

During vaginal atrophy treatment a small probe is inserted into the vagina. Unlike cosmetic treatments to improve the aesthetics of the intimate area, the Juliet is a medically-focused treatment to improve the health and wellbeing of patients.

There’s no downtime associated with vaginal atrophy treatment, and patients can be in and out of their gynaecologist’s office within half an hour. A course of treatments is required in most cases, with prices starting from £500.

Why treat vaginal atrophy?

Different ages of a woman’s life are accompanied by different experiences with regard to her intimacy and sexuality. Many women who experience unpleasant symptoms do not like to talk about these issues, sometimes not even with their gynecologist.

They can be ashamed and think that they are the only ones going through these issues. In fact, all of these symptoms are quite common in women of different ages but tend to worsen over time. That means that they are not temporary and they are not going to disappear if not treated.

What do the experts say?

Juliet is a vaginal atrophy treatment available in selected clinics across the UK now. Experts and medical professionals rate the results and it’s positive effect on women’s physical and mental health.

Juliet is a perfect treatment in clinic because experts can use it to treat different kinds of concerns relating to vaginal atrophy, such as stress urinary incontinence or SUI. It’s a new concept for gynaecologists, but one that’s seeing a real result in meaning it can easily take over from the now out dated and uncomfortable mesh procedures.

More information about the Juliet vaginal atrophy treatment

For more information about vaginal atrophy treatment using Juliet please contact the team who will guide you. There’s also lots of helpful information on this website if you’re looking for something specific.


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