Innovative, Clinically Proven, Gentle and Safe.

For women of all ages.

Treatment For Typical Symptoms

The Juliet
Treatment Concept

  • Well Tolerated
  • Suitable for women of all ages
  • Minimally invasive, fast and hormone-free

Hormonal Therapy
or Surgery

  • Documented side effects
  • Not suitable for all women
  • Either lifelong or invasive treatment

Preparation for treatment

In order to confirm your suitability for the Juliet treatment you will be asked to attend a consultation with your specialist during which an intra-vaginal examination will be performed. This is to ensure that the correct diagnosis is achieved and that there are no complications that could affect your suitability for the treatment. Once complete you will be given confirmation of whether you are suitable for treatment.

  • Avoid intercourse 24 hours before treatment and 72 hours following treatment
  • We ask that you insert a tampon prior to attending your treatment. This will be removed immediately before the treatment being delivered
  • Confirmation is needed that you are up to date with your cervical smears
  • You maybe required to complete a negative pregnancy test prior to treatment.
  • To ensure this please either abstain from intercourse or use contraception following your most recent period to the treatment date.

What Our Clients Say

Since the menopause my sex life changed. Intimacy became a moment of embarrassment and pain instead of joy. It was hard for me to accept my sex life was over. A friend of mine advised me on the Juliet and I can’t thank her and my gynaecologist enough. Since the treatment my life has changed, I now feel like the woman I was before the menopause

Laura, 54

Within a day of having the treatment, I sneezed and I didn’t need to cross my legs!

Jo, 44

I have been suffering from urinary incontinence for many years, so I decided to try this new laser treatment. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure and I can’t believe how good the results have been for me. It has been a year now since that treatment and it really works like magic! I still don’t have any problem anymore with accidental urination.

Natalia, 41


We understand this is a sensitive topic. Read through some of the most commonly asked questions from our patients.