Enlarged Vagina

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31 - 05 - 18

Are you concerned that you have a loose or enlarged vagina? You’re not alone, so many women have the same concern.  It’s not something we like to talk about with others and this is an extremely delicate topic for most women.

The words enlarged vagina aren’t particularly pleasant to behold (medical terms can be frightfully frank) but don’t worry this is not particularly uncommon and there are several reasons for it.

The vaginal walls are pressed against each other but when a woman is sexually aroused the vaginal walls relax to accommodate the penis of any size. It is necessary for normal and painless sexual intercourse that will provide pleasure for both partners. Soon after sex vagina returns to its original state. This will happen even after childbirth. Although it will take some time due to extreme stretching during delivery.

The vagina can lose its elasticity for several reasons. Also in some cases pelvic floor muscles can weaken which leads to a feeling of looseness down there. Multiple childbirth increases pelvic weakness.  This is the most common reason for the occurrence of the problem. Other reasons include, aging, surgery and being overweight. Women with weakened pelvic floor muscles often have symptoms with incontinence.

Many women stop enjoying sex after they go through childbirth or when they are closer to menopause. First of all it is important to determine whether a problem really exists.

Book a consultation with one of our experienced and sensitive Gynaecologists. They will be able to advise and help. The Juliet procedure offers an excellent outcome for patients diagnosed with enlarged vagina and rebuild the structure and support of the vaginal wall.

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